We Heart Transformation Design

Sustainability is a long word, and it's up to all of us to break it down and fill it with life. We can look at it as the ability to sustain the way we live and work by producing positive social, ecological, and economic outcomes. Sounds like saving the planet? Absolutely.

But we think we know where to start...or continue; however you like to look at it. For years, we at Foresight Design Initiative have been practicing the concept of transformation design.

Transformation is a big deal. Think about it. It requires things to change. And change is a big deal. It's visible and real. And that's exactly why we're so excited about it.

The concept is also called design, because it takes an approach similar to designing a product, for example, which is naturally human-centered. Transformation design goes beyond acknowledging the roles of stakeholders or "users" and requests their active participation in the problem solving process.

Perhaps most beautifully, it's not actual rocket science. Transformation design grows more impactful with every new person practicing it. So, let's grow it together.

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Foresight's team has undertaken sustainability related projects from large public exhibits, to reconsidering (and understanding) complex systems.

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