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4619 N. Ravenswood Ave., Ste 305
Chicago, IL 60640


We are a multidisciplinary innovation studio working with diverse partners to understand sustainability challenges and identify holistic, resilient solutions, and we are committed to training the next generation of leaders.


Insights, inspiration and opportunities to create a more vibrant and resilient future.

INSIGHT: What Can You See From Here?

Peter Nicholson

Sleeping With Volcanoes
Everyone should watch this video. It brilliantly and hilariously contextualizes our efforts to “save the planet.” Last week, I trekked around two dormant volcanoes, one near Santa Fe, and the other Seattle. Physically dramatic, they are even more awesome when considering their historical impact. Shifting from one climate-controlled environment to another, it is easy to forget that we live on a dynamic planet. With inspiring natural beauty can come a profound humility. Looking over these dramatic topographies, I felt insignificant in relation to not just their size, but to the timescale in which they have evolved. Humans are less than a blip. But we are a drop that has started to matter. We are a privileged speck, for our consciousness and the relatively powerful influence we can assert, both positive and negative. As George Carlin so insightfully highlights in the aforementioned video, let us remember that we are not separate from, but a comparatively fragile yet wondrous part of nature, simultaneously special and insignificant, in the midst of this evolving and enduring glory.