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4619 N. Ravenswood Ave., Ste 305
Chicago, IL 60640


We are a multidisciplinary innovation studio working with diverse partners to understand sustainability challenges and identify holistic, resilient solutions, and we are committed to training the next generation of leaders.


Insights, inspiration and opportunities to create a more vibrant and resilient future.

INSIGHT: Daunting?

Peter Nicholson

Leaning Toward Ourselves
Words have changed. “Resiliency" is the current buzzword, just as “sustainability" once displaced “environmentalism.” New terms help keep the movement fresh, even if the impulses behind them remain basically the same. The challenge with this new moniker is that I sense people want it to mean something that it doesn’t, specifically the avoidance of bad things happening. Resiliency is about bouncing back from trouble, not preventing it. Design can help us shape the future, but not control it. At the fulcrum point of last year and next, I'm caught in that rich opportunity between contemplating everything that has happened, and considering everything that might. The variables are infinite. Undaunted, I’m learning to know myself better, my needs, habits and motivations, which is where I’m realizing all our efforts to achieve a more robust and vibrant present really begin.