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4619 N. Ravenswood Ave., Ste 305
Chicago, IL 60640


We are a multidisciplinary innovation studio working with diverse partners to understand sustainability challenges and identify holistic, resilient solutions, and we are committed to training the next generation of leaders.


Insights, inspiration and opportunities to create a more vibrant and resilient future.


Peter Nicholson

Planning is seductive. Considering what I want to do can be more delicious than actually doing it. There is a weight to action, comprised of timelines, responsibilities, risk; all bitter factors anathema to sweeter imaginings. The sidelines are easier, safer, but also potentially ripe with the discontent of unfulfilled ambitions. I have a roster of potential projects, but also a list of seemingly valid excuses for not pursuing them. Taking the first step, as I did recently on a new enterprise, suddenly translates broad intention into specific tasks, introducing a kind of burden into the previously unbound desire. My reluctance to begin something new stems from a lack of youthful naiveté (use it while you can!), an awareness of the challenges ahead. My experience carries a force, however, a vacuum of potential insistently advocating to be filled. Of what are these accumulated abilities capable? Never mind—Better to remain studying, contemplating, examining, securely fixed to the predetermined folly of whatever inflection I was considering mustering. Sometimes we can try too hard to insert ourselves into the world. Sometimes a small shift can suddenly compel us into a new embrace with its own momentum, however reluctant we might be to surrender the comfortable stasis of the old.