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4619 N. Ravenswood Ave., Ste 305
Chicago, IL 60640


We are a multidisciplinary innovation studio working with diverse partners to understand sustainability challenges and identify holistic, resilient solutions, and we are committed to training the next generation of leaders.



Foresight Design Initiative employs a diversity of research techniques in order to reveal new perspectives and insights on entrenched challenges.
Participatory Action Research enlists stakeholders affected by an issue to collaboratively conduct research on the issue and, along the way, identify interventions to resolve it. 

Design Research produces qualitative information on the needs and behaviors of target users, gathered through observations and interviews; with the goal of informing better design and function of services, processes, and products to satisfy the users' needs.

Landscape Reviews examine the current state of shifting or emerging concepts, from the smart grid to big data, to identify conceptual frameworks and the future forces of change, through academic literature reviews, detailed case studies, and interviews with thought leaders.

Impact Evaluation assessing the impact of a given intervention to determine whether it's achieving its intended outcomes.

Systems Analysis identifies the key elements of system, including the significant players, drivers, relationships, strategies, and barriers, with the objective of revealing new insights and opportunities to intervene in the system and leverage greater change. 


Foresight Design Initiative offers a range of design services for better understanding, visualizing, communicating, building consensus around and acting on complex challenges. 

Experience Design creates more meaningful, productive, and positive interactions through meeting design and facilitation, with the goal of strengthening relationships and fostering collaboration, across sectors and disciplines, to create bigger, better, and faster impact. 

Communication Design informs and inspires stakeholders through clear and consistent branding, educational materials, and other marketing and outreach strategies. 

Exhibit Design empowers audiences to learn, reflect, and act on key sustainability issues. 

Service Design improves efficiency, satisfaction, and impact of services and processes.

Organization & Mission Design begins with an understanding of the needs and opportunities around specific issues to inform a more effective organizational response.


In our mission to tackle complex sustainability challenges, we believe innovation across a spectrum of scales is necessary. This spectrum includes rethinking meeting formats, building new networks for collaboration, redesigning services and organizational structures, and transforming systems. 

With deep experience working across sectors, including philanthropic, private, public, and non-profit, Foresight recognizes that age-old problems often still remain barriers to progress. In many ways, our most innovative work is forging new solutions to old communication, programmatic, collaborative, and change management problems. Thus, we work at all scales, across all sectors, to identify and realize the potential of people, projects, organizations, and systems to better meet the challenges of our time. 


Foresight collaborates with partners to take projects from concept to reality. Based on insights generated throughout the research and design process, we help to carry out appropriate interventions to advance our partners’ goals. This might involve launching a strategic communication campaign, forming a new alliance or initiating a specific project or program. Actions are initially taken at a prototype scale, then evaluated, refined, and scaled for greater impact.